By Amy Bryant | December 12, 2017


I’ve never been one to wait well. I try, but regardless of the joys or lessons I might learn from waiting I don’t like it. When buying gifts for friends and family, I can’t keep what I bought a secret half the time because I’m so excited! In other areas, I’m anxious for God to hurry up and change something, fix a problem, or reveal an answer to a question I have. But, what if my waiting started to look more like lingering with God instead of tapping-my-foot-and-staring-at-my-watch with Him?

His Coming

Advent Season is a perfect time for us all to practice joyfully waiting on the Lord. We may still have our “things” we want to be resolved, but what if we lay them down and put all our focus on simply waiting on Him…to just come? There is a simple picture of this in real life. Can you remember your high school or college days? We all probably had that special someone that made your heart skip a beat. (You might have even married him…or still hope to!) You know the guy…the one that made you travel the long way to class just to catch a glimpse of him at his locker. He was the one that made you linger in the hallway a bit longer than usual, so you might actually talk with him! Why did we do those things? It’s simple…just to be with them, because when we were all felt “right” with the world.

His Presence

Although that picture is on a much smaller scale, I feel like Advent is like that sometimes. It reminds me of the One my soul loves…so I linger…longing for Him to come. Do the storms of life still swell around me? Sure. But, lingering with longing for His presence brings me peace because only Jesus is the Prince of Peace, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords! And this Jesus is ALWAYS available to you and me. Wow!

His Love

So maybe that’s where we start this Advent Season. We don’t necessarily have to study what each week represents or anything formal like that. (Although that wouldn’t hurt either!) My prayer is that we will slow down, quiet our hearts, and awaken a longing to just be with our First Love as we celebrate His arrival among us…if only to remember that He is our First love! Don’t let the rush of the season steal your lingering and longing for Him. Ask God to open the eyes of your heart during Advent so that you can slowly unwrap the greatest gift ever given…His name is Jesus.

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word, I hope.

Psalms 130:5


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Amy is a wife, a mother and a Jesus lover. She enjoys coffee and a good belly laugh around the dinner table with friends and family. She lives in Nashville with her husband, Aaron, and their three children, Silas, Isaiah and Ellis Joy, as well as their dogs, Jabba and Chewie, who are the life of the party.

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