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As much as I would love the superhuman capabilities of Superwoman, I realize fast that in my own strength I can only handle but so much before I start to feel overwhelmed. I’m married and in the season of rearing small, non-self-reliant children, and sometimes I think my head is going to explode if I hear one more snack or milk request.

I recently heard a story of a mom who had nine children, all girls except one!! On top of that, she raised fourteen kids in total. They were poor in unstable housing, but all of the kids felt loved and cared for. As adults, they mentioned that they never heard their mom complain not once! WOW! Personally, I know I’ve complained at least twice today alone and I only have two kids to chase after.

I hear many amazing stories about women who persevered during extreme struggles and still managed to be amazing women. How did women during the Great Depression handle all their responsibilities? What about women in third world countries with none of the simplicities of life, like a washing machine and stove? How do they manage to take care of their families when it takes many more hours to obtain basic necessities? How much more busy are their lives than mine, which makes me embarrassed to complain or feel overwhelmed?


I try my best but some days when it’s all said and done I feel depleted. Some days I feel like I didn’t accomplish a thing yet I’m tired and other days I’ve accomplished a ton and I’m still tired. Some women seem to be able to do it all. I believe that God gives me the strength to handle a lot, but sometimes I just don’t want to be a superwoman. I’d really just love an uninterrupted nap instead. Society and social media often tell us, women, we should be ALL to everyone. Maybe we occasionally push those expectations on each other as well.



I’m supposed to look good, grow in my walk with Christ, work out several times a week, raise a family, be an excellent wife, have a hot home cooked meal on the table each night, chauffeur my children to and from activities, keep the house spotless, have an active social life, get a decent nights rest, etc all while making it look easy and sexy! Not my life!



Maybe you are like me and there just isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish it all. My car has toys and more snack crumbs than I’d like to admit. I’m excited to get my 7-min workout completed. Sometimes I eat my breakfast in the car on the way to dropping my daughter off at school. Comfortable is my go-to attire most days. Time for makeup??? Nope, not every day. Sweep and vacuum daily like grandma did, with no dishes left in the sink overnight…I wish!



Lately, I’ve had to find out what’s most important and let the rest go. I’ve had to create more balance in my life and take some guilt-free time for myself. I also try my best not to compare myself with other women nor criticize those who might be in a season of struggle.

I’m not superwoman! I get tired, stressed, and even complacent, however, I’m glad I don’t always have to rely on my own strength which is quite insufficient at times. Just try to remember that when our strength feels depleted, God’s strength is ALWAYS in abundance!

 He gives strength to the weary and strengthens the powerless

Isaiah 40:29 HCSB

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Nicole Newson

Author Nicole Newson

Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised as a military child, Nicole has lived in multiple places around the world. She has been married to her college sweetheart Wesley for eleven years and is currently a stay at home mom of two beautiful daughters. She enjoys volunteering, mission work, watching documentaries, and reading. Nicole has always had a passion for books and writing and has a goal to publish her own line of children books. She recently started a blog Navigating the Joys and Craziness of Life, Marriage, Parenting and Passions.

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