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Who Should Consider This Course

If you are in a new season of life and want to pass on your life stories…
This course will teach you how to pass the torch by reaching out to the Millennials in a purposeful mentoring relationship.

If you have been praying for God to do something to help the Millennials…
God has answered your prayers. He is calling you to mentor and this course will guide you through the steps to begin and sustain a mentoring relationship with the Millennial generation.

If you are searching for purpose and want to make A difference in today’s world…
This 4-module course was designed to encourage and equip you along the mentoring relationship journey.

Do you wish you could mentor the Millennial in your church, at work or community but lack the confidence and tools to begin…
No more wishing or waiting. This course was designed for you.

Become the Mentor Millennials Need and Want.

Mentoring a Millennial can be simple when you are equipped with the right tools and mindset.

Why I Created This Course…

As someone who experienced the extraordinary blessings of being mentored, I am passionate about helping others see they don’t have to do life alone.

This course will help you learn to have intentional mentoring conversations with Millennials.

It’s time for us to drop our religious masks and become the Christian mentor God has called each one of us to be.

This course will present biblical examples of God’s role models, and my experience of mentoring others for more than 35 years.

In this course, I share what I’ve learned over the years from mentoring hundreds of women of all ages. Most of the mentees would ask the similar question, “Would you meet with me and do life together? I have so many questions and no one to connect with on a regular basis. I need someone who will listen, encourage and share authentically from their own stories. I love God, but I need help.”

By making this commitment to learn and apply this course to your life, with God’s help, you will be prepared to step out and mentor the Millennial generation for Christ.

Why You Need To Become A Mentor

I want you to experience the abundant joy of sitting across from a Millennial and seeing right before your eyes, how God used you to encourage and uplift another person of faith. I want you to be a part of God’s plan as you share what He has done for you and what you have learned good and bad. I don’t want you to spend your life never knowing, giving, or passing on the torch of faith with the next generations.

God’s Word clearly states His plan for every mature believer is to pass on the torch of our faith to the next generation for His Glory. And that’s why I wrote this Course and why you need to become a mentor.

If you want to impact the world for God and help make this a better world, mentoring is for you. It’s not about a “must do” but having the “want to” make a difference for Christ and becoming the mentor that Millennials need and want.

Become the Mentor Millennials Need and Want

What is included in this FREE course?

4 modules of video lessons to equip, train and encourage you as you walk through each mentoring relationship.

A printable handout for each module