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Welcome to the Face to Face Podcast with Jayme Lee Hull

If you believe as I do, that mentoring isn’t just a nice idea, but critical to growing professionally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually, then this is your podcast.

In each episode of the Face to Face Mentoring Show, I’ll encourage and inspire you to learn and launch your life as you lead with purpose in a mentoring relationship.

God created us for face-to-face relationships. This Face to Face podcast is committed to sharing God stories and experiences to equip and encourage you as you connect with the next generation and grow in your mentoring relationship.

Through the Face to Face Podcast, you will meet Jayme Lee Hull, a Spiritual Direction Coach with a passion for moving Christian Women forward to God’s direction for their life through Scripture and prayer.

Ep.89: Empowered For Life with Benny DiChiara

Ep.88: How To Be EQUIPPED to Advance the Christian Faith with Steven Garofalo

Ep.87: Flirting with Darkness and Building Hope with Ben Courson

Ep.86: God of Wonders: Living In Awe and Fully Alive with Faith Blatchford

Ep.85: Drama Free: Finding Peace with Cindi McMenamin

Ep.84: Mentors That Make A Difference with Life Coach Ronnie Gage

Ep.83: Maximize Your Marriage Using LINKED Personalities for Couples with Linda Gilden and Linda Goldfarb

Ep.82: Jonathan Pitts: How To See God’s Faithfulness In The Shadow Of Grief

Ep.81: You Need to Know, There is Hope for the Homeless, with Guest Koedi Nealy, Gen Z Leader and Nonprofit Entrepreneur

Ep.80: Unlock Your Vision and Dream Again with Myrna Widlend

Ep.79: Finding Sacred Rest with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Ep.78: The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make with PeggySue Wells

Ep.77: End Times Q & A and The Time of Jacob’s Trouble with Donna VanLiere

Ep.76: The Christmas Table with NYTimes Bestseller Donna VanLiere

Ep.75: Faith, My God and Me with Legendary John Schlitt from Petra

Ep.74: Grace and Guts with Shannon Perry

Ep.73: When You Say Yes to God with Tracey Lynn Russell

Ep.72: Beyond Betrayal: Overcome Past Hurts and Begin to Trust Again with Phil Waldrep

Ep.71: Get Back on The Path to God with One Step with Guest Steve Cleary

Ep.70: Finding Hope and Purpose After Loss with Becky Nordquist

Ep.69: Story Of Hope From Prodigal To Professional With Catherine Zoller

Ep. 68:Connecting the Generations with Hope and Inspiration with guest Ricky Kim

Ep. 67: Now Is The Time To Pray with The Presidential Prayer Team

Ep. 66: Find Peace with the ABIDE App.Sleep Better and Stress Less with Christ

Ep. 65: Rebekah Hagan, Millennial Leader For ProLife and ProLove

Ep. 64: Generation Z Unfiltered with Andrew McPeak

Ep. 63: How To Renew The Art of Cooking, Gathering, and Creating Traditions In The Kitchen with Laura Schupp

Ep. 62: How To Live with Hope and Joy In Christ with Tiffany Montgomery

Ep. 61: I Choose You Today with guest Deb DeArmond

Ep. 60: Lisa Anderson and Intentional Connections With The Next Gen

Ep. 59: Michelle Bentham Blooming Inspired and Hope For The Hurting

Ep. 58: Powerful Worship with Make Way E58 Worship and Leader Michelle Lutz

Ep. 57: Essentialism with Greg McKeown

Ep. 56: Living With Purpose with Michelle Moore

Ep. 55: Meant To Live with Nancy Hicks, Former Host of QVC

Ep. 54: Twice Blessed: A Journey Of Hope with Shelly Calhoun

Ep. 53: Kingdom Journey With Artist Anita Faye

Ep. 52: How Chris Wark Beat Cancer and Encouraged The World

Ep. 51: How To Believe The Impossible. The GOD Dare with Kate Battistelli

Ep. 50: How You Can And Should Ignite The Fire To Read More With Jeff Brown

Ep. 49: Made To Change The World with Derek Evans Project 615

Ep. 48: Real Faith To Live By With Pamela Christian

Ep. 47: God Is In The Details with Millennial Emily Mitchell

Ep. 46: Behind-the-Scenes With A Mentors Mentor Linda Frost Clark

Ep. 45: How To Connect As A Couple With Jay Payleitner

Ep. 44: You Can Be Courageous and Take The First Step with Millennials Jordan and Emily

Ep. 43: How To Enjoy The Shepherd with Ray Carman

Ep. 42: Seven Keys To Hearing God’s Voice with Craig Von Buseck

Ep. 41: Does God Really Have A Plan For Your Life? With Award-Winning Songwriter and Mentor Michael Boggs

Ep. 40: Embrace Your God Story with Award-Winning Babbie Mason

Ep. 39: Mentoring And Spiritual Leadership with Dr. Richard Blackaby

Ep. 38: Healthy Living with Susan U. Neal

Ep. 37: The Christmas Star with New York Bestselling author Donna Van Liere

Ep. 36: How To Create The Best Christmas Family Time with author PeggySue Wells

Ep. 35: How To Find The Joy and Hope Of Christmas with Mark Smeby

Ep. 34: Christmas Is Coming, But Waiting Is Hard with Karen Whiting

Ep. 33: Encouragement For The Cancer Warrior with Elaine W Miller

Ep. 32: When God Calls The Heart at Christmas with Michelle Cox

Ep. 31: Beautifully Broken Movie Interview With John Berry

Ep. 30: Fight For Her and Beautifully Broken With Plumb

Ep. 29: The Journey Interview with Worship Leader, Songwriter, and Actor Jesse Pruett in The Millennials Matter Series

Ep. 28: The Millennials Matter Series with Lindey Newton

Ep. 27: Who Do You Say That I AM with Becky Harling

Ep. 26: Giving A Voice To Survivors Of Abuse with Shannon Deitz

Ep. 25:Live Hope Now Interview With Mark Smeby

Ep. 24: Craig “Jo Jo” Colquitt Interview

Ep. 23: No Longer My Own Cheri Keaggy Interview

Ep. 22: Hollywood Exposed with Counter Culture Mom, Tina Marie Griffin

Ep. 21: Like Never Before Nicole C Mullen Interview

Ep. 20: What Is God Up To? Inspiring Interview with The Benham Brothers

Ep. 19: I Can Only Imagine Movie Interview with Madeline Carroll

Ep. 18: Odyssey Voiceover Actress Katie Leigh Interview

Ep. 17: Encouragement For Marriages With Elaine W Miller

Ep. 16: Benefits Of Business Mentoring with Lori Bachman

Ep. 15: Mentoring Moms with Jean Hester

Ep. 14: From America’s Top Model to Role Model Interview With Leah Darrow

Ep. 13: The POWER of Mentoring with Pastor Aaron Bryant

Ep. 12: Brian Hull Interview “Never Give Up!”

Ep. 11: Shannon Ethridge-Author, Mentor & Advocate For Healthy Sexuality

Ep. 10: Frances Drost-Brand New Me

Ep. 9: Ginny Owens Singer/Songwriter on Hearing God’s Voice Above the Noise

Ep. 8: Cecil Murphey Veteran Author: Knowing God And Sharing Your Story

Ep. 7: Lynn Eib Interview Finding Peace In The Face Of Cancer

Ep. 6: Interview with Chris Massoglia from Because of Gracia Film

Ep. 5: Interview with Linda Evans Shepherd

Ep. 4: Getting The Courage To Connect

Ep. 3: Natalie Hemby Discusses Songwriting and Mentoring

Ep. 2: Living On Purpose: How To Find A Mentor

Ep. 1: Welcome to the Face to Face Mentoring Podcast