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Interviews With Millenials

Hannah's Mentoring Story


Hannah received her mentor in middle school and then became a mentor herself in college. She continues to mentor others today as a young professional millennial at work and in her church.

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Lindey's Mentoring Story


Lindey was pursued by her mentor as a single millennial and growing in her faith. Her mentor spoke hope and encouragement into her life and she now mentors others and passes it on.

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Emily's Mentoring Story


Emily shares her story of meeting with a mentor who encouraged her to grow spiritually and was her personal cheerleader along the path at work, in her church and in her daily faith journey.

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Interviews With Gen Xers

Angie's Mentoring Story


As a wife and mother, Angie, feels blessed to not have to work through problems and life alone. Having a mentoring relationship gives prayer support and counsel to keep moving forward in the right direction.

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Aly's Mentoring Story


Moving across the country and connecting with a new community wasn’t easy for Aly until she met her mentor. As a new adult believer, mentoring made a huge impact on her life and continues to be helpful in every area of her life.

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Interviews With Mentors

Sheryl's Mentoring Story


Even though Sheryl was fearful and uncertain about mentoring she intentionally chose to be obedient and was blessed. She shares her story and how her life has been changed through mentoring millennials.

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Watch Stefanie's Story


When God calls you to step forward and mentor we need to be obedient. Stefanie is so thankful for the call to pour into others and can see the mighty hand of God moving through mentoring relationships.

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Margaret's Mentoring Story


Becoming a Titus 2 Woman as a Sr. Adult is her heart’s desire. Margaret loves the younger generation and longs to see mentoring be the bridge that reconnects the two generations.

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Parent to Mentor Interviews

Joanna's Mentoring Story


As an adult daughter and wife, Joanna shares her perspective as she observed the process of her mother, Jayme, move from parent to mentor. Joanna shares how important it is to pass it on to others.

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