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Scripture References for Mentoring Moments

Scripture References for Mentoring Moments

No matter what praise or problem we are facing, God’s Word is relevant and gives us hope. We believe God’s Word is energetic, alive, active and powerful. The Word of God is truth and gives discernment infused with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Face to Face Book Excerpt

Face to Face Book Excerpt

Whether you have a mentor, can’t seem to find one, or haven’t even thought to look, this book walks you through every aspect of this critical relationship, including: purpose, value, and benefits of a mentoring relationship. Face to Face speaks to the heart of those eager to grow in their faith with expert advice on how to journey well with someone further along the path.

10 Simple Mentoring Responses

10 Simple Mentoring Responses

When you are listening and communicating in a mentoring relationship your response is very important. Asking good questions and helping the mentee dig deeper into the topic of discussion is a win-win for everyone. This resource will help you in the mentoring relationship to grow and learn more about God’s direction and where God is leading them.

Powerful Prayers for Connecting with God

Powerful Prayers for Connecting
with God

Sometimes we just don’t know what to pray. This resource will help you begin your prayers. May you be brave enough to be vulnerable, strong enough to reach out, and may you meet God in new ways as you connect with Him through the gift of prayer.

60 Encouraging Words for Mentors

60 Encouraging Words for Mentors

Everyone needs encouragement. This resource is full of words and statements to share with your mentoring relationship or with friends and family. Your encouraging words will be a blessing to all of those who hear you speak, and the blessing will return to you as you see their heart and souls smile and be uplifted.

How to Make Your Workplace Millennial Friendly

How To Make Your Workplace Millennial Friendly

Millennials are creative and collaborators. They are driven for significance and want to be known. They love the challenge to serve and have incredible ideas to change the world.

Your Identity In Christ Printable Verse Cards

Print these little encouragement cards and post them around your home where you can see them and be reminded how much God loves you and has a plan for your life.

Pray for America Charts

It has never been more critical that the Body of Christ stands in unity over America in prayer. Join together with countless others around the globe interceding for our nation!

30 Bible Verses for Spiritual Direction

What does the Bible say about Spiritual Direction? We can turn to God’s Word when we need direction and clarity.  Reading and applying God’s Word is crucial to growing your faith, discovering your purpose, and God’s inner peace.

Side by Side Book Excerpt

Answering the top eight questions ask about God, Jayme gives the living application of God’s truth to your life. In this compelling eight-session Bible Study, Jayme digs deep into scripture as she shares personal stories, new insights from carefully selected well-known people, and new perspectives on the lives of familiar Biblical heroes and what they say to us.

Resolved in Christ for 2021 Book Excerpt

Resolved in Christ for 2021 is a short ebook written by Jayme Lee Hull. This ebook will serve as a road map, to guide you to grow in your faith and develop a strong personal prayer life.

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Join the 30 Day Challenge to be thankful to God. Simple. Spend time in prayer thanking God from the daily list and afterward share your “thank you” prayer with others. Spread the attitude of gratitude.

Spiritual Mentoring Cheat Sheet

Have you been thinking about becoming a Christian mentor? I regularly receive questions for advice and encouragement, on how to become a successful Christian mentor for millennial’s in a new mentoring relationship.  These are my top 10 tips to learn how to mentor Spiritually.

Checklist to Determine Spiritual Direction For Your Life Today

How can you find God’s direction for your life?  Get this essential checklist to determine the Spiritual Direction God has for your life today!

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