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Ep.71: Get Back on The Path to God with One Step with Guest Steve Cleary

Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Ep. 71 Show Notes

  • Introduction to Ep. 71
  • Steve shares his God story
  • Steve’s mentor helps him find his passion and calling
  • Steve and his friend began to ask themselves this very important question: “What will we leave behind as a legacy for our grandchildren?”
  • Behind-the-scenes of the filmmaking of Pilgrim’s Progress
  • Back on the path with one step. Have you stepped off the path? Be encouraged. You only have one step, one second, one prayer to get back on the right path with God’s grace.
  • The God dream of iBible a visual narrative of the entire Bible
  • The Secret Sauce: Our faith needs to be contagious, Our obedience needs to be natural and the secret sauce is finding Christ
  • Using the i.Bible to reach the Millennials



For the month of April 2020 Steve and Revelation Media is offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of Pilgrim’s Progress

go to:


Facebook: PilgrimsProgressMovie

Twitter: Pilgrims_Movie

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