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Ep.73: When You Say Yes to God with Tracey Lynn Russell

Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Ep. 73 Show Notes

  • Introduction to Ep. 73
  • Tracey shares the Power of Story and how God uses our story to change lives
  • God has a measure of influence for every single one of us
  • Practical application: how to find and share your story

POW: What is the problem, plan, or people out of wack?

WOW: (Women of Worship) How did God show up and what is He trying to show you?

WHAT NOW? How will you share your story to bless someone else?

  • Visit: Tracey’s Website and receive your FREE Journal Find Your Story
  • Be encouraged. Every day is an opportunity to share your story
  • Tracey shares her Mentor experience and how her life was changed forever
  • Visit: and receive your FREE Downloads of her 3-Part Show on Family Talk Radio with Dr. James Dobson and 7 FREE Devotional Stories
  • Tracey prays over your life and God Story


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