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Ep.85: Drama Free: Finding Peace with Cindi McMenamin

Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Ep. 85 Show Notes

  • Cindi shares the story behind her book Drama Free Life
  • How to Find God’s peace and respond instead of reacting to circumstances
  • Applying the acrostic “CALM” to your life.
  • C: Consider the bigger picture
  • A: Acknowledge that God is in control
  • L: Look for the Less (ask: God, what do you want to show me)
  • M: Make it a point to praise the Lord (1 Thessalonians 5:18)
  • Cindi shares how to not to react emotionally to things but instead respond maturely
  • STOP and seek God’s counsel and perspective
  • STAY OUT of the situation until you hear from God to move
  • Wisdom and Tips for Moms struggling with Teenage Daughter Drama
  • Begin walking through life with your teens (and college-age) children with prayer. Pray over them, with them, and for them
  • How to help your daughter be DRAMA Free
  • Cindi prays over you the listening audience
Today’s Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Episode focuses on Drama Free: Finding Peace When Emotions Overwhelm You with Author and Speaker Cindi McMenamin. Are you tired of the drama in your life? Listen today and receive mentoring wisdom and helpful tips for finding peace.

Follow Cindi McMenamin at the following sites:

Facebook: StrengthForTheSoul

Website: Strength For The Soul 

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