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Ep.86: God of Wonders: Living In Awe and Fully Alive with Faith Blatchford

Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Ep. 86 Show Notes

• Faith shares her God story
• Behind-the-scenes of her newest book God of Wonders
• A special sign “Fall on your Face” in her prayer room
• God of Wonders is a 40 Day Journey of Faith
• Great reminder: Every breath we take is a gift from God…pause…in Awe!
• Psalm 4:4 Her favorite verse and a special invitation
• Faith prays over us!

Have you been walking through discouragement, disillusionment or disappointment? You are not alone my friend. God is able to fill the emptiness you feel with His marvelous presence. Today’s Face to Face Mentoring Podcast episode focuses on the AWE of God: Living in Awe and Fully alive with my special guest and author, Faith Blatchford.

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