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Ep.87: Flirting with Darkness with Ben Courson

Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Ep. 87 Show Notes

  • Ben shares his God Story
  • What is the root cause of depression?
  • 11 Weapons for Defeating Depression from Ben’s new book Flirting with Darkness

#1 Prayer Walks

#2 Scripture Scholar Scuba Gear

#3 The Magic Number of Greatness

#4 Endorphins

#5 Rewrite Your Story

#6 Own Your Oddness

#7 Friendventures

#8 Heaven

#9 El Roi

#10 Let God Love On You

#11 Dreamality

  • Ben’s Advice for Parents of Depressed children and Adult Children: Be slow to speak and quick to listen. Have compassion and listen! Listen! Listen!
  • Ben prays over you!
Did you know you don’t have to settle for just learning to live with your depression? No, you can rise above it! Listen to Episode 87: Flirting with Darkness and Building Hope in the Face of Depression with the Millennial Leader and much-needed voice of Pastor Ben Courson.

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Instagram: @ben_courson

Facebook: bencoursonHG

Twitter: @ben_courson

YouTube: Ben Courson and Hope Generation

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