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Ep.88: How To Be EQUIPPED to Advance the Christian Faith with Steven Garofalo

Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Ep. 88 Show Notes

  • Steven shares his story and the purpose behind his book EQUIPPED
  • Why is sharing our faith so important?
  • What the book EQUIPPED will provide for you to share your faith with confidence
  • Steven shares his mentoring story
  • What is Reason For Truth.org
  • EQUIPPED chapters include:

1) Everyone has a worldview: What’s yours

2) Does God Exist?

3) Coexist: Do all religious roads lead to heaven?

4) Did Jesus Really Rise from the dead?

5) Why does God allow Bad Things to happen to good people?

6) How do I explain evil, pain, and suffering to others?

7) Is Morality relative?

8) How do I know that I am going to heaven?

9) How do I use Apologetics to defend the Christian faith?

10) How can I use Apologetics in conversational evangelism?


  • How can this book help me share my faith with the lost?
  • One important thing for Parents of Adult Children to remember when you share your faith.
  • Visit ReasonForTruth.org for resources and the academy
  • Steven prays over you!


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