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Ep. 14 From America’s Top Model to Role Model Interview With Leah Darrow

Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Ep. 14 Show Notes

2:30 Leah shares her God story in Ep. 14
4:30 Leah’s definition of beauty
5:30 Facing today’s concerns and challenges as women
8:30 What to do when we struggle with our appearance or not being good enough.
11:30 Leah’s mentoring experience
15:00 God is already there in your life and career
18:30 Encouraging words for Moms of daughters
21:00 There is HOPE for you
25:30 Getting Connected at and all social media @leah.darrow
27:30 Her Podcast Show Do Something Beautiful Podcast on iTunes
Her book is available on Amazon The Other Side Of Beauty
Social Media @leah.darrow
Find her book on The Other Side Of Beauty