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Ep. 16: Benefits Of Business Mentoring with Lori Bachman

Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Ep. 16 Show Notes

This week’s podcast Ep. 16, is with my friend and business mentoring expert, Lori Bachman. Lori shares tips and encouragement we all need to mentor the millennials at work and in the church.

4:30 Lori shares her God story

5:30 Her mentoring story

6:45 How to find a mentor at work

9:30 How to get the mentoring relationship started

11:00 How to mentor millennials at work

12:30 How to boost your business

14:00 Benefits of mentoring

15:30 Keep seeking a mentoring relationship

17:00 Join the mentoring movement

19:30 How Lori began her own business

24:00 Lori’s powerful personal mentoring story!

Lori’s books, Mentorship and Mentorshift At Work, are available on Amazon and

How To Find A Great Mentor For You: without Awkward, Aimless,Arbitrary Searching FREE EBOOK on her website

Twitter: @mentor_maker
YouTube story: The Cowboy Mentor: the 4 steps in Mentoring