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Ep. 19: I Can Only Imagine Movie Interview with Madeline Carroll

Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Ep. 19 Show Notes

2:45 Introduction of Madeline in Ep. 19
5:45 Madeline describes the movie and her role as Shannon
8:00 Hear about the movie theme of Hope Again and Madeline’s God story
12:15 Madeline’s mentoring story with Cheryl Prewitt Salem
15:00 How to grow in your faith
20:00 How to get through your tough times: Psalm 34:8
25:00 The importance of laying all things down before the Lord
28:00 An encouraging word for you from Madeline

Movie release March 15, 2018
visit for a theater near you
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Contact/Follow Madeline on Twitter: IMMaddieCarroll and Instagram: madscarroll2