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Ep. 22: Hollywood Exposed with Counter Culture Mom, Tina Marie Griffin

Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Ep. 22 Show Notes

:30 Introduction of Ep. 22

3:00 Tina shares her God Stories

5:00 Tina’s Journey to Hollywood as an actress, model and

11:00 Discussing the Biggest problems tweens and teens are facing today

Tina exposes the Facts and Lies about your kids favorite Celebrities

14:00 Address the Mess . . . Beyonce and others

17:00 Parents beware of what you are allowing to be exposed to your children and

teens minds, ears, hearts and souls


20:00 What is Hollywood Exposed?

23:30 New App for Counter Culture Mom available right now.

26:00 Save The Nation Tour in 22 Cities

27:00 Visit and get the Parent Media Guide

28:30 Tina’s Encouraging words for all parents to never give up!

Mentor Your Kids!