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Ep. 23: No Longer My Own Cheri Keaggy Interview

Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Ep. 23 Show Notes

1:45 Introduction of Ep. 23

2:45 Interview: Cheri’s God Story

6:30 Finding God’s presence in the middle of our tough times

7:45 Cheri’s Mentoring Story- When You Were Jesus To Me

10:45 The blessings from a Mentoring Relationship

12:30 Cheri’s songwriting process

13:45 Beauty from Ashes

14:45 The power of prayer and what to do with unanswered prayer

16:30 The Blessings of Leading Worship

17:45 Morning Ritual

19:45 Life verse in this season of life Hebrews 6:19

21:15 Closing prayer

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