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Ep. 26: Giving A Voice To Survivors Of Abuse with Shannon Deitz

Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Ep. 26 Show Notes

2:15 Shannon Shares Her God Story

6:45 What to say and do to help someone in the healing process

9:15 There is POWER in prayer

12:15 How to begin the Healing process

17:30 #MeToo #NoMore

20:00 How to find the courage to communicate and ask for help

22:00 This is a journey to becoming the person God wants you to be

Twitter: @ShannonDeitz

Facebook: @HopefulHeartsMinistry

Books on Amazon: Exposed: Inexcusable Me … Irreplaceable Him

Redeemed: The Story of a Marriage Torn by the effects of Past

Abuse and Restored by Faith

I Have A Voice Video Series on