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Ep. 43: How To Enjoy The Shepherd with Ray Carman

Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Ep. 43 Show Notes

:40   Introduction to Ep. 43

2:30  Ray shares his God story behind his ministry Enjoy The Shepherd

4:00  Ray’s salvation story

5:45  How do you hear from God?

8:15  Are you a knucklehead or a sweetheart?

BIG CHALLENGE: Will you be the one?

11:15  Ray shares his mentoring journeys

12:30  How to love on your teenagers while you can?

15:00  Making time with God a daily habit

18:15  Lessons from sheep Daily Devotional

22:00  What to do when your kids are not following the Lord?

Do you have a SuzyQ?

Don’t give up! Sheep follow sheep.

24:30  Ray’s powerful closing prayer over your life.

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Facebook and YouTube: enjoy the shepherd

Order His devotional and products at

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