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Ep. 49: Made To Change The World with Derek Evans Project 615

Face to Face Mentoring Podcast Ep. 49 Show Notes

:40    Introduction to Ep. 49

3:00  Derek shares his journey and God story

5:30  The story behind his book Made To Change The World

7:15  How God changed his life through a missions trip to Skidrow

9:15 How to step out of your Comfort Zone and make a difference

12:00 Sharing his mentoring story

12:45 How to begin a new business

14:30 Derek’s favorite Project 615 T-Shirt

15:30 All proceeds from Derek’s book will go to a non-profit for Homeless

17:00 Derek’s Quiet Time with the Lord

22:00 How to give to others on a regular basis

25:30 Derek’s closing prayer

Find Derek at: and

Social Media: @project615

New Released Book: Made To Change The World found where books are sold.

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