Have you ever thought about the legacy that you are leaving for those who come after you in life? Whether that be children, grandchildren, friends, nieces and nephews, or anyone else who may be a part of your circle in life.

We are quickly approaching the holiday season. For many people this season of the year can be an overwhelming and emotional full of joy and sometimes pain.

Is this the case for you? Do you dread the holidays or is it a time of encouragement and thankfulness?

The truth is whatever you allow the holidays to become for you is how those who follow after you will tend to do so as well. Hopefully, you want to leave a legacy of an encouraging, warm and thankful Christmas season.


How can you make this happen?

  1. Your personal relationship with God in your heart is where your legacy begins. This Christmas season share your faith with your family and friends in a real and authentic conversation. Tell them what God has been doing in your life and how He is moving you to a positive direction. Rededicate your life to meeting God for a Quiet Moment each day and begin building a legacy.1 Samuel 12:24  
  2. You can set the tone. You must be the one in charge of the attitude and mood of your home and your gatherings. Make your home as positive and thankful as possible. Celebrate the good and the things that you have to be grateful. Nehemiah 8:10b
  3. Take time to serve and help others. Be courageous. Boldly step out and help others this Christmas. Our actions speak louder than our words to the next generation. If you want to leave a legacy of hope and generosity then volunteer or reach out and help the poor and helpless and take your family and friends along. Acts 20:35
  4. Live a life full of prayer. Ask God to guide you and your family to His ways, purpose, plan and direction in life. This Christmas invite your family or friends to join you on their knees in prayer for those lost, hurting and broken in the world. Psalm 17:6

Do whatever it takes to answer God’s call on your life and leave a legacy that will outlast you!

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Treasure every moment.

Spend a few moments today and think about the legacy you would like to leave behind. Live this coming year for the Glory of God and begin to build a legacy worth leaving.


Author Jayme Hull

Jayme Hull is a dynamic speaker and passionate mentor who motivates audiences to invest in others through mentoring. Shaped by countless mentors over the past, Jayme now has the privilege of mentoring millenial women for the past thirty-five years. As a Church Mentoring Consultant she trains Church leaders how to successfully produce mentor programs.

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