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“How great are His signs…” Daniel 4:3

Have you ever been on vacation and put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the Hotel door? Have you ever created a doorknob hanger craft with your kids or grandkids and wrote with big capital letters, DO NOT DISTURB?

I started to think about this sign and how it relates to us as Christians.

We call ourselves Christians, but is God invited to be a part of our daily lives? Unfortunately, we want the benefits of Christianity, but not necessarily the responsibility that comes along with our faith in Jesus Christ. As Christians, we are commanded to follow God’s Word and include the presence of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. How are we doing in this area?

Let’s look at each Stage of Life Category and see how this might apply.


  • You say you are a Christian but are you living like it on the weekends?
  • Do you invite and include Jesus Christ to be at your parties, activities, and jobs on a daily basis? Does your DO NOT DISTURB sign say, “Jesus please stay home tonight.”
  • I can handle this on my own, I will not be needing your help.

Single Adults:

  • Are you worried or discontented with your circumstances?
  • Have you become so independent that you don’t even depend on God?
  • Does your DO NOT DISTURB sign reveal where you’re really standing or what you are struggling with?


  • Have you depended on God to help you be the godly spouse God has called you to be?
  • Be honest, how are things going? Have you made Christ the center of your marriage?
  • Does your DO NOT DISTURB sign say, “I can handle this on my own.”
  • You know how independent I am. I’ve got this one covered.


  • Are you parenting out of fear and desperation?
  • Are you including God’s Word in your parental decision-making?
  • Have you posted the DO NOT DISTURB sign with frustration and worry?
  • Are you too stressed to spend time with God?

Senior Citizen:

  • Do you feel like you have done your time?
  • Is your DO NOT DISTURB sign in Large Print?
  • Are you depending on all of your years of experience instead of depending on God?

Is there anything in your life at this present time that you prefer God to not interfere with or interrupt the way things are going? Are you secretly looking for a solution to the DO NOT DISTURB sign? Take some time right now to stop and pray and ask God to forgive you for putting out your DO NOT DISTURB sign then take the sign down and replace it with


One way to change the sign from DO NOT DISTURB to WELCOME GOD! MY HEART IS YOURS! is through confession and surrender of all things to the Lord Jesus Christ with a humble heart in prayer.


Lord Jesus, I confess to you that I have tried to handle _______________________ all on my own and I ask for your forgiveness. Forgive me Lord for not inviting you into this area of my life.

“And I prayed to the Lord my God, and made my confession…” (Daniel 9:4 AMP)


Holy Spirit, today, right now, I give you complete permission and control of ___________________. Move in a mighty way to help me see your goodness and power in this area of my life.

“And the presence of the Lord was with them with power, so that a great number learned to believe and turned and surrendered to Him.” (Romans 11:21 AMP)


Jesus, with all my heart I humbly come to your throne of grace and ask You to be Lord of my entire life.

“If you are wise and understand God’s ways, prove it by living an honorable life, doing good works with the humility that comes from wisdom.” (James 3:13 NLT)

Be encouraged. Today is a new day and together you and I can start with a humble heart and invite Jesus into our lives on a daily basis. Together let’s put up the sign that reads:


Jayme Hull

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