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God never intended for us to do life alone in isolation and loneliness. Have you wondered if God will ever send you a mentor who listens, encourages, and uplifts you on your life journey?

Who is inspiring you?

I know from personal experience how a mentor can change your life. When I was 18 years old I was blessed by God to have my eyes opened to my emptiness and I received Jesus as my personal Savior. The very next day He gave me a godly mentor to help me learn how to do life as an authentic Christian.

I quickly learned having a godly mentor, who is willing to share their life stories with you over a cup of coffee, makes a huge positive impact on your life. I was no longer alone, we were doing life together. No matter what the circumstances – good or bad – my perspective on life changed for the good. I learned to look at things from God’s point of view. Seeking God’s point of view on things was life-changing!

So. . . whether single, married, divorced, or widowed, God has a plan and a purpose for you in each season of your life. Instead of looking at your singleness as an obstacle to completing God’s plan for your life, or marriage as a reason to give up on God’s purposes for your life, you can seek God’s Light on your current stage of life.

Did you know there are mentoring relationships portrayed in the Bible for us to follow? Over the years, I have discovered how to apply what I read in the Bible to my everyday life.

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In the Old Testament book of Ruth the relationship between Naomi and Ruth is a beautiful example of mentoring. Naomi and her husband Elimelek took their two sons and moved from Jerusalem, during a famine, to a foreign city. While they were there each son choose a wife to marry. Within 10 years Naomi’s husband and two sons died suddenly one right after the other.

Naomi wass hurting and lonely. She realized she needed community and decided to return home. On the way home to Jerusalem, Naomi informs her daughter in laws,Ruth and Orpah, that she has nothing to offer them and encourages them to return to their hometown to restart their lives.

Ruth is the only one who chooses to stay with Naomi. She has been observing her Mother in law and she knows she wants the relationship with God like hers.  Ruth 1:16-17 “But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me.”

We all come to crossroads at different times in our lives. Like Ruth, God leads us in new directions, but he always let’s us choose whether to follow him or not.

We can see Naomi in her older years needing Ruth’s help and companionship during the difficult and uncomfortable days.
The relationship between Naomi and Ruth is a perfect example of mentoring. Both of these women at some point had to learn to give up things in their old lives to receive God’s best and God’s peace for the new life ahead of them.
Sometimes following God seems too hard, but with a strong Christian mentor the challenges of life are faceable. He asks us to give up our old lives so that we can be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.

Are you secretly tired of doing life on your own? Take time today to pray and ask God to speak to your heart and divinely send you the mentor He has for you.

We’d love to hear your mentoring story and how the mentoring relationship changed your life.

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If you are seeking a mentor and need God to show up in a real way, here is a short prayer to get you started. Let’s pray!


Dear God,

 I need your help! How can I grow in my connection with you and with others? I know you say in the Bible that you have a plan for my life. Somehow I’ve stopped believing. Help me with my unbelief. Help me trust you again.

Please give me the courage to step out and seek a mentor for help. I need you Lord! I don’t know how you will do it but I’m stepping out in faith. Send me a godly mentor to help me find my way back to you. I pray all of this in the strong name of Jesus who answers prayers and hears my cry.  Amen!

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