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“How wonderful, how beautiful when brothers and sisters get along.” Psalm 133:1 (MSG)

What is your favorite family tradition for the Christmas season? Traditions may seem silly until one day you have your adult child ask you, “Hey Mom, are we still going to make gingerbread houses again this year? I have a great idea and want to win the prize for the best house.” We have a few we like to do every year when everyone is home. Today we will cover just one of those traditions and look at the others a little bit later this month.

One of our traditions is to attend a family friendly movie together during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Unfortunately, we always need to do our homework ahead of time. We try to preview the movie or read the reviews of the new releases for Christmas. We aren’t always blessed to have a family friendly movie available to attend and so we just wait until next year.

My husband and I decided to check out a new released movie by Disney before we invested the money in taking our entire family to the movie theater this year. We saw Frozen this past weekend and it was wonderful. This time Disney presents two leading princesses instead of just one leading lady. One is a princess and the other becomes the Queen.  We were pleasantly surprised to see Disney create a story about two females not falling in love with a prince but learning how to love. For once the story is about two sisters learning how to love each other and what true love really is. We didn’t just watch two sisters fighting like little kids in the castle but instead we observe them learning how to grow up.

This movie musical has included the standard Disney traditional movie treats: beautiful castles, EXCELLENT animation, incredible music and singers, clever and colorful scenes full of spectacular creativity and technology.

Everyone will love this movie. I suggest age groups from maybe first grade to Great Grandma. If you like Disney movies you will really enjoy the songs and story. Olaf, the little sidekick snowman steals the show with his one liners and loving heart.

Oh yes Broadway…. I see a new Musical Frozen in your future!

If you would like to read an excellent review in full detail of this movie I highly recommend  This is a great resource to keep in your bookmarks for future reference on movies, top 40 songs, videos, video games and books.

Here is the link to the full review of Frozen

Great conversations can happen with your family after the movie. As the adult you can cover the topics like: understanding and loving family members during the tough times, how to help those who are different from us, the dangers in holding in our emotions and the explosions that can happen and learning to use good discernment when choosing friends and mates. Be encouraged to take every opportunity to have conversations and teaching moments with your family.

Enjoy! This is a safe family friendly movie for the Christmas/New Year’s season!

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