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“The greatest proof of Christianity for others is not how far a man can logically analyze his reasons for believing, but how far in practice he will stake his life on his belief.” T. S. Eliot


I’ve thought about this a lot recently. As a believer, I know that I am called to share the gospel with the world, and yet, seldom do I actively pursue a missional lifestyle.


After searching my own heart, I’ve found some alarming and ugly truth. The first is a lack of care for other’s souls. I consider myself a fairly caring person, however, if I truly cared about all people, would I not want to share life-giving truth with them? Secondly, I’ve identified a crippling fear to share the gospel. Fear of rejection, and fear of not knowing how to eloquently and effectively share the countercultural doctrines that I have based my entire life on. Lastly, and most, unfortunately, I began to ask myself how convinced I am that this Christian-lifestyle, my Jesus, is worth it. Though I have experienced how worthwhile He is indeed, I am human and quick to forget…quick to question despite His faithfulness to me.

I think these reservations stem from a continued disregard to our inner theologies. When you become lazy in your spiritual discipline, and passively practice your faith, you are setting yourself up to be lukewarm and ineffective. You may even begin to resent your faith altogether. This is a dangerous state to be in, brothers and sisters. Yet, I think we’d be surprised to learn how many of us have settled for this mediocre Christian lifestyle. If the enemy can’t get us elsewhere- he’ll make us lukewarm and tranced to believe we indeed are active believers.

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If I were an unbelieving person, I probably would not buy into Christianity if most of the Christians I knew were mostly talk and only some do, when convenient.


Are we convincing, not for the sake of being convincing, or logically being able to analyze our reasoning for our beliefs, but through our daily practices and actions? Because we care for people’s souls, because the perfect love that lives in us casts out fear, and because Jesus is the only answer and only way?


I would have never openly admitted to these fears and doubts had the Spirit not revealed them to me. On the contrary, I often brag about my faith and have wrapped my identity in it. But what good is a biblical degree, a church membership, and a “religious affiliation” if you are not wholly and completely convinced that what you believe is worth dying for so that you may live? With knowing, believing, and LIVING as though it is true, then sharing the gospel doesn’t become a matter of if or if not, but a must.


Many of us may not admit to these things. Maybe like me, you did not know they were even there, lurking in the depths or your heart, robbing you of your faith and courage. But I believe the beginning of a sold-out and life-changing, world-shaking faith is when we can rid ourselves every bondage and lie that lives in us consciously and subconsciously. Yet, miraculously, God still works through imperfect humans. How much more wonder and miracles can we witness if we fully activated our faith?

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Stephanie McGraw

Author Stephanie McGraw

Stephanie is a Nashville-based writer who enjoys hearing people's stories, spending time with her husband and two cats, and cooking for family and friends. She is proudly a, Canadiassyriamerican (an Assyrian born in Canada and living in the U.S). She has studied Ministry Leadership and Women's Ministry, and wants to share the hope and restoration she found in Christ with others.

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  • Kolleen says:

    Such a great – and convicting – word, Stephanie!! Time for me to do a little soul searching.

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you, Kolleen! I am glad it resonated with you. It’s something I think a lot of believers experience but don’t admit. My prayer has been that the Holy Spirit would continue to stir something in me and convict me of my lack of movement. What more could our lives be if we fully activated our faith?

  • Nicole says:

    So true! I know personally I spend more time thinking that being a good person and showing kindness and love is the same as openly sharing my faith. I’ve got to do more! This was super helpful to reflect on and I should feel comfortable bringing up the topic of my faith w/ non-believers. I think possibly deep down inside I don’t want to be like those people who were so extra and over the top that actually pushed people away from Christ that I experienced growing up. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Stephanie says:

      Hey Nicole!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I agree, our approach is very important. I think building relationships is key- that is what Jesus did. He spoke truth in love and He did life with people. When we have an eternal mindset, we become more bold to share our faith. Also, you may still feel uncomfortable sharing your faith, but that’s ok! We are called to be courageous and faithful…even if it gets a little uncomfortable. 🙂

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