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Every week, I pull up to the same coffee shop and head inside. The barista has long since memorized my order, but I tell her anyway. I peek at the time and weave through the familiar tables to the one that we always find ourselves sitting at – a nook towards the back with string lights hanging overhead.


A year ago, I remember having a conversation with my mentor about mentoring. Plagued with doubts and anxiety about being what she is to me for another person, I found myself hesitating. Do I know enough? Am I wise enough? Can I really sit with another woman week after week and try to mentor her through life when I still need help navigating the mess myself? Now it is humorous to think about because it was never about me, to begin with.


When my mentee arrives, she greets me with a smile and we immediately dive into the conversation. An hour is never quite long enough. As she begins to catch me up on what has happened in her life since I saw her last, I find myself reveling in the beauty of this relationship.


When we first sat together, I had never met this young lady before and she had nothing to go on but my name. Yet, we sat at a table over coffee and tea and immediately fell into deep conversation about how the Lord has been active in our lives. Barriers fell and problems were lifted. We pray, laugh, and sometimes cry together. I never have all the answers, but I always point her to the One who does. We unite over scripture and common struggles and fresh ideas.



What I had backward, in the beginning, was that it would be up to me; that I would need to show up every week with answers and grace and the ability to solve whatever my sweet mentee was dealing with. In reality, I simply show up, order a tea and sit at the table while the Lord does all the work for me.


There are times when I don’t know, and I say so. There are times when I’m overwhelmed with words for her that don’t come from my own knowledge or experience. The beauty of mentorship is witnessing the gift of the Holy Spirit in practice every single week.


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If you’ve been hesitant about asking for a mentor or signing up to mentor someone else, this is for you. Step out, sign up and know that it’s not about you.

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Kaylan Goodwin

Author Kaylan Goodwin

Kaylan Goodwin, a communications graduate from Missouri, works in marketing and development for a Nashville non-profit. A motivated millennial, Kaylan finds great joy in the written word, discovering hidden treasures and spending time with her sweet husband.

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