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Katariina Rosenblatt was caught in the web of the South Florida sex trafficking trade when she was a middle-school student. Why would any girl be attracted to such a lifestyle? In her autobiography, Rosenblatt says, “We wanted to feel worthwhile. … We needed to believe someone—anyone—cared about us.”[i]


Affirmation. We all need it, whatever our age or circumstances may be. And we will seek it, maybe inappropriate ways first. But if that doesn’t work, we’ll seek it in inappropriate ways—ways that will destroy us if we don’t realize that the only One who can provide the affirmation we need is Jesus.


Fortunately, Jesus found Rosenblatt. He rescued her, redeemed her, and restored her self-worth. She now runs a nonprofit organization for human trafficking victims (

Rosenblatt’s story reminded me of the woman whose story is told in John 8:2–11. She had also been caught in a web—a result of her need for affirmation and the Pharisees’ exploitation of that need. The Pharisees brought the woman to Jesus, saying, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery” (v. 4).


They expected Jesus to condemn her—or condemn Himself by refusing to uphold the Mosaic Law. But Jesus simply revealed the condemnation that should fall on all of us: “Let anyone of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her” (v. 7).


Then Jesus offered the woman the affirmation she craved—compassion and forgiveness, love and worth.


Oh that we would see ourselves as Jesus sees us—worthy not because of what we have or haven’t done, but worthy because He loves us. No one can love us as He loves us; no one can provide the affirmation we crave other than Jesus.


What affirmation are you seeking today? Where do you think you’ll find it? Come to Jesus. Receive what He offers, and then, like Rosenblatt, make it your mission to tell others where to find the affirmation they seek.



Next Step: Read Romans 5:6–12 and 1 John 4:9–10. What affirmation do these passages give? How will that affirmation change the way you view yourself and others today?

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[i] Katariina Rosenblatt (with Cecil Murphey), Stolen: The True Story of a Sex Trafficking Survivor, (Grand Rapids: Revell, 2014), 14.

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