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Nearly 75 percent of women are not sure that they are making the right decisions in life. Maybe you can relate? Wouldn’t it be great to have a mentor who would do life alongside you and guide you in your decision making?


Whether you are single or married, you work full time and pay your own bills. Not a month goes by that you don’t give a cut of your paycheck to pay for that diploma hanging on the wall or childcare or loans on cars and mortgages.

But life is… well… way more complicated than you ever thought possible.


I believe that the single most important influence in your life during these years is not what degree you pursue, what job you take, or who you date… but who is pouring into your life and shaping you?

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A woman who is further along in her walk with God than you are, who sees your potential and walks with you in becoming the woman God created you to be.


A face-to-face relationship like this holds profound influence in developing you as a woman of God. It’s like Miracle-Gro for your life— spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.


Just to clarify, she’s not your mom and she’s not your therapist. She’s not someone you pay to spend time with you. A mentor is a friend, a guide, a confidante who offers a listening ear, honest feedback, and spiritual encouragement as you navigate each of those secondary pursuits.


Are you in the 75 percent? You’re in good company. But you don’t have to do this life alone. I’m willing to bet there is someone in your life right now who doesn’t even know she is going to help straighten those paths with you.

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Jayme Hull

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Jayme a Spiritual Direction Coach. Mentor, Author, and Podcast Host is passionate about moving Christian Women forward to God's direction for their life through Scripture and prayer. Join the Spiritual Direction Coaching Today Facebook private page or connect with her on Instagram.

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