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When I would hear the word evangelism or this is my testimony growing up and even as a young adult, I would always get overwhelmed and proclaim “that is not my gift.”  I never felt like I was one of “those people.” I thought in order to evangelize I had to be able to witness door to door passing out pamphlets on Jesus and hold up signs in the streets about God.

I never felt like I knew what or how to say my testimony. At times, I was fearful of praying out loud in front of others. My prayers sounded too simple in comparison to the long and grandiose prayers I would often hear others say. I just never felt “spiritual” enough to evangelize.

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Sharing My Testimony

It wasn’t until later that I realized sharing God with others was as simple as sharing my story. No bells or whistles—just be open and real about my life and the impact Christ has made on me.


My Life is My Testimony

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OPEN AND REAL with My Testimony

I spent a lot of my youth hiding behind and covering up all the negative things that were happening to me out of fear. However, as I got older I understood that sharing my experiences could actually break down walls.  Now I would say I’ve become a natural self-discloser.

I am very open about my past and experiences and when I look over my life, my testimony, and where I am today it points directly to God.  If it wasn’t for God’s hand over my life, I know I would be in a totally different and miserable place.

Just a little background, I come from an extremely dysfunctional family in which I experienced a childhood of neglect, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. There were many times growing up I felt like it was too much for me to handle and I wanted out of my life. However, because of God’s grace and love I am still here against all odds and living a truly blessed and peaceful life.

I’m so thankful I don’t look like what I’ve been through because I would be a sight for sore eyes.  The devil wanted to use my experiences as a way to take my eyes off Jesus. I can remember his manipulative whispers as a child, “you’re not loved, just end it all because things will NEVER get any better for you,” and sometimes it really felt like it wouldn’t. I felt such hopelessness but over time it became clear that it was all lies!

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How I TURNED AROUND My Testimony

God has turned my testimony completely around and has used those experiences for his glory. He has redeemed me and gave me such purpose, hope, and a family filled with love. Today, I am no longer overwhelmed by the thought of evangelism and I pray others will not shy away from it either.

May I encourage you to build relationships with others and be real about your life experiences? All your experiences are your opportunities to share your faith with others. When I finally realized I didn’t have to be a bible scholar to share God’s goodness and it didn’t have to be this super complicated, intimidating process—it has made ALL the difference.

Let God use the good, the bad, and maybe even the downright ugly experiences in your life to show how merciful, forgiving, and loving He truly is!

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My Life is My Testimony


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To God be the Glory! ​​​​​

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