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Do you want to hear more of God’s thoughts and spiritual direction for your life? I help women join God’s great adventure to make this the best season of their lives. Spiritual Direction Coaching is Spirit-led use of Scripture, and prayer to acknowledge the movement of God in your life and line-up your life with God’s purposes.

I believe hearing from God and finding your spiritual direction isn’t as hard as you think. In Psalm 32:8 the Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” When you read this verse do you think, ‘But, how do I actually hear God’s guidance and advice?’

Why Spiritual Direction Is Important

God has a purpose and plan for every human being. If we are gut-honest with ourselves, we secretly long for someone to help us move to a new place on a deeper level with God. When we recognize what God is doing in our lives we begin to grow spiritually. Having a stronger spiritual direction in our lives helps connect the dots between our situation and the activity of God.

Our spiritual growth doesn’t happen in isolation. God did not intend for you to do life alone. All of us need to connect with God and someone to help us discover God’s will and plan for our lives.

All of us need to connect with God and someone to help us discover God’s will and plan for our lives. 'Iron sharpens iron, and one person sharpens another.' Proverbs 27:17 #SpiritualDirection Click To Tweet

Do you have Spiritual Direction Questions?

The best way for you to grow as a person spiritually, mentally, and emotionally is to go to the throne of grace and boldly ask your questions. Never stop asking God your hard and honest questions about spiritual direction. You can ask God anything. No question is too difficult for God.

Over the years in conversations with women, I have heard numerous questions like:

  • Whenever life seems like evil is winning and the truth is hidden, I struggle with doubting God. Can you help me strengthen my faith and resist my doubts?
  • I see God answering everyone else’s prayers, why doesn’t he answer mine?
  • Why do I always question God? Why doesn’t God rescue us and intervene with the mess in this world?
  • Does God really care about the little details in my life?
  • Can you help me develop my Daily devotional time with God? I’m never consistent.

Can you relate to any of these questions?

No matter what season of life, a considerable number of women share with me how discouraged they have become with their unanswered questions. Subsequently, they admit giving up on asking God intimate questions and no longer think about their hopes and dreams.

If you can identify with their discouragement, let me remind you of this important fact. God did not intend for you to do life alone. Many of us have the same struggles and don’t know where to turn. I help women to connect with God to find their purpose and equip them for their spiritual direction for life.

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What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is acknowledging and accepting God’s authority over your life and helps you fully embrace your God-given identity and maximize your strengths. As you discover your full potential in Christ you will develop a stronger spiritual direction to help you navigate God’s path and purpose for your life.

As you discover your full potential in Christ you will develop a stronger spiritual direction to help you navigate God’s path for your life. #SpiritualDirection Click To Tweet

What does the Bible say about Spiritual Direction?

We can turn to God’s Word when we need direction and clarity. Isaiah 55:11 tells us “My words will not return empty.” Reading and applying God’s Word for spiritual direction is crucial to growing your faith, discovering your purpose, and God’s inner peace.

What is the Difference between Spiritual Direction Coaching and Counseling?

Both are excellent but here are the differences. Counselors are trained, certified, and educated to solve, diagnose, and treat interpersonal, emotional, mental, and psychological problems. However, a Spiritual Direction Coach works with healthy clients capable of making wise decisions and are seeking God’s direction for their lives. Spiritual Coaching is designed to help people discover for themselves, God’s will, and solutions to their challenges.

 What is the Difference between Spiritual Direction Coaching and Mentoring?

Both will change your life forever but here are the differences. When you seek a mentoring relationship, the mentor shares their God experiences and wisdom with you as the mentee and usually maintains the relationship for an indefinite time. But, in a Spiritual Direction Coaching relationship, the coach is asking more questions and sharing less of their own God stories. The Spiritual Coach helps you find God’s solutions to the issues being discussed for a specific period of time and helps you come to understand and embrace God’s will and purpose for your life.

Prepare Your Heart to Hear from God

In conclusion, if you have a deep desire to hear God’s voice and spiritual direction, then you must prepare your heart. The path to an encounter with God is for your heart to know Him more.

  • Read God’s Word on a daily basis (Matthew 4:4).
  • Spend time in prayer listening to God (Luke 8:18)
  • Be resolved to have an obedient and teachable heart (Psalm 27:8).

God is always speaking.


Be intentional.

Listen for God’s call on your heart.

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A Prayer to Help you Get Started Toward Spiritual Direction.

Dear Lord,

Speak to my heart and direct my path. I need your guidance. I struggle with my purpose. Thank you for being so patient with me. I’m not strong in my prayer life but I want to change. Show me what to do through your Scripture and speak to me loud and clear. It is so easy for me to be distracted. I need your help to block out the things that hinder me from having an intimate relationship with you. Holy Spirit, I give you complete permission to move in my heart so I can hear from you. In the holy name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

As you begin this spiritual direction journey, how can I pray for you? Let me know in the comment section below.

I can’t wait to begin this new Spiritual Direction Coaching program with you. Don’t forget to sign up for the free coaching video on the home page or begin your Coaching session today by connecting with me for more information.

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To God be the glory!


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