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“God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” Psalm 46:1-3

Dear Lord Jesus,

You know what’s on our hearts before we speak. (Acts 15:8)
You see our pain, discouragement and tears. (Gen. 16:13)
You hear us before we can put our emotions into words. (Isaiah 65:24)

You tell us the Holy Spirit will speak for us when we are silent. (Rom. 8:26)
You show us Your everlasting love for all mankind. (Jer. 31:3)
You give us hope and peace in a dark world at dark times. (2 Cor. 4:6)

I don’t need to pretend. You know I’m worried. (Matt. 6:34)
I don’t have to hide. You know I’m fearful. (Isaiah 41:10)
I don’t want to run. You know I’m scared. (Neh. 6:11)

I need your presence. Come near me. (James 4:7-8)
I desire to read Your Word. Come speak to me. (Job 33:14)
I want Your love and perfect peace. Come hold me. (Isaiah 26:3)

We can’t heal this world on our own. Lord, heal our broken hearts.
We can’t fight darkness on our own. Lord, please fight our battles.
We can’t fix the fallen world. Lord, please heal our broken world.

There is no hope without You Lord Jesus. (1 Peter 1:13)
There is no truth without Your Word. (John 1:4)
There is no salvation without Forgiveness. (Luke 1:77)

We are praying and seeking You and Your ways. Help us to stand united.
We long to share the hope we have in Jesus Christ. Help us to be brave.
We want to shine Your Light to the hurting world. Help us to shine Your Light.

Lord, give us strength. (Exodus 15:2)
Lord, give us courage. (Joshua 1:9)
Lord, give us victory. (Deuteronomy 20:4)


Jayme Hull

Author Jayme Hull

Jayme a Spiritual Direction Coach. Mentor, Author, and Podcast Host is passionate about moving Christian Women forward to God's direction for their life through Scripture and prayer. Join the Spiritual Direction Coaching Today Facebook private page or connect with her on Instagram.

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