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“The one who calls you is faithful and He will do it.” 1 Thessalonians 5:24

From your perspective, what does a faithful Christian look like? What are the characteristics of a faithful Christian? This week we will read through the book of First Thessalonians to learn about the faithful Christian and the God we serve who is always faithful.

First Thessalonians was written by the apostle Paul to encourage and strengthen the faith of the believers in Thessalonica. Paul was also writing to build their assurance and the knowledge of the return of Christ.

Today, grab your Bible and read the entire book of First Thessalonians. As you read each chapter write down in a notebook the one or two verses that impact you the most. Whatever verse is of some interest to you or worth reading again, just write it down and make a note about your thoughts and questions.

If you cannot read the entire book of First Thessalonians right now, write down the verse at the top of this page and memorize it throughout the day. The Scripture is powerful and encouraging.

Day 2: Reread 1 Thessalonians 1.

In verse six Paul writes, “You became imitators of us and of the Lord.”

In today’s world we are constantly encouraged by the media and peer pressure to imitate whatever is most popular for the moment. Everyone wants to fit in.

In the area of “faith in Christ” what type of “model” are you? Who are you imitating?

Discuss this with God during your prayer time and write out your personal thoughts and prayers to God.

Day 3: Reread 1 Thessalonians 2.

In verse twelve Paul writes, “encouraging, comforting and urging you to live lives worthy of God, who calls you into his kingdom and glory.”

Are we living for Christ on a daily basis? Do others see Christ in your life? Write out your answer in the form of a prayer and talk to God about His calling on your life.

Day 4: Reread 1 Thessalonians 3.

In verse ten Paul encourages each one of us to pray night and day.

Take the time today to pray day and night for your personal needs and the needs of others and your country

Day 5: Reread 1 Thessalonians 4.

In verses 13-18 we read about the Coming of the Lord, the Rapture.

Take your time to read each verse and write what Scripture says will be the “order of events.” Here is a short list to help you get started:

v. 16: The dead in Christ will rise first.

v. 17: Then the Christians alive on the earth will be caught up with them in the clouds to meet Jesus in the air and be with him in heaven forever.

v. 18: Encourage and comfort each other with these words.

This verse is encouraging us to study, read and discuss the Rapture so we are informed and at peace. We are not to be living in fear or dread of the Rapture.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior then you have repented of your sins and prayed to ask His forgiveness. If you have not prayed for Christ to enter your heart and life, you do not have peace.  Please stop now and talk to Jesus Christ. Jesus is waiting to hear your prayer of forgiveness and repentance and wants to be your personal Savior and Lord of your life.

Day 6: Reread 1 Thessalonians 5.

In verses 16-18 we receive guidance for our daily living and in verse twenty-four we are reminded that God is faithful and He will do all that He promises in His Word.

Praise the Lord who is so worthy of our praise.

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