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The millennials in your life are craving relationships. It’s not just success they are longing for—it is a desire to feel connected, to make an impact, and to know that their lives will count as part of the greater good.

The linchpin element in their lives, the glue that holds life together for them, is the concept of relationship.


Our world has so distorted our understanding of relationships. Even we Christians sometimes measure the strength of our relationships by the number of our Instagram followers and Facebook likes. This is a manmade statistic, a fake measure of the depth of our friendships.

But that’s not the way relationships work as God intended. Fortunately, in the Bible God gives us clear examples of meaningful relationships. Let’s look together at three Biblical types of relationships that belong in the life of every millennial.

A “Luke” Relationship

The book of Acts reads like an eyewitness report—-and indeed it was. Partially through the book you’ll notice a shift in personal pronouns. Luke starts to use “we” because he is now part of the story. Luke is side-by-side with the Apostle Paul, doing life with him, even if that is in a jail cell. His friendship helped sustain Paul during the hard times, as Paul poignantly noted in 2 Timothy 4:11 that “only Luke is with me.”

Who has God brought in your life as a “Luke”?

God uses “Luke” relationships in our lives to encourage us, strengthen us, and help give us the courage to follow Christ, no matter where He leads.


A “Paul” Relationship

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The “Pauls” in our lives are gifts from God. Your “Paul” may be a co-worker, a church leader, or a Godly older individual in your life.

It’s someone who has traveled longer or further down the Christian walk, and who is encouraging you by their example as they follow Christ.


A “Timothy” Relationship

Even while you yourself are a “Timothy” being mentored by your “Paul”, God may have also called YOU to have a “Timothy” or two in your life. Look around you….who has God brought into your life?

Who needs a loving hand, an encouraging word, and a mentor?


The millennials today in your community and your church are longing to be “Timothys”, but there is a shocking lack of available “Pauls”. What’s holding you back?

Go to God with these fears and concerns and ask Him for the courage and strength to overcome them.

Luke, Paul and Timothy… these three types of relationships are exactly what millennials need in their lives.

God may be calling you to be one of these three people in the life of someone today. Go to God for the wisdom and the courage to make that first step, to send that first coffee invitation, or to place that first phone call. You may never know how lasting of an eternal impact it will make.


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  • Jayme Hull says:

    Thank you so much for your encouraging post. I’m so grateful for your heart for the Lord and connecting the generations. Inspiring Post!

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