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I just want some peace and quiet. I’ve been known to say this phrase frequently but it feels like an unrealistic request at times especially with small children at home. When I think about what peace and quiet would look like for me I think I just really want to be left alone just for a little bit (away from all responsibilities and people) so I can just think or maybe not even think at all.


I was reading about Solomon the other day and came across this passage in the Bible.

Behold, a son will be born to you, who shall be a man of rest; and I will give him rest from his enemies on every side; for his name shall be Solomon, and I will give peace and quiet in Israel in his days. 1 Chronicles 22:9.


I randomly thought instantly, I desperately need some Solomon time in my life. Although Solomon had his share of messy drama in his full life story, I would love to be considered a “man” (woman) of rest! It’s really only quiet in my home before or after bedtime and when the kids are at school… Yes, that’s pretty much it and I understand that it’s the season I am in with kids at home.

However if I’m completely honest with myself, it’s not always the kids that steal from my peace and quiet. I’m a constant participant in the noise around me. You know TV, music, meetings, social media, talking, texting, and the list goes on. None of which are bad things, but when nothing gets done in decent proportions it can most definitely disrupt the peace of your home, heart, and/or your mind.


Yes, I said it more times than not, I AM the cause of disruption to the peace and quiet I desperately desire. I don’t know if it is mom guilt, spouse guilt, friend guilt, or even work guilt that causes me to feel like I always have to be doing something. I’ve caught myself even eating standing up because I’m a master multitasker, and surely in between bites of food I can do one daughter’s hair for school and give my nephew a spelling quiz.


If you are anything like me, you can understand the desire to just quiet your mind. Maybe you have a new job, a promotion with more responsibilities, or just got married. Maybe you moved to a new city and are in the midst of getting situated. Maybe you have a newborn at home and want some much-needed sleep. Maybe you are in school and have a lot on your plate. I’m guessing at any stage in life we all could use some time of peace and quiet.


Personally, my best ideas, feelings of gratitude and closeness to God come to me when I’m quiet. When I make time to be alone. Right now as I write this I’m sitting under a pavilion outside by myself at a church across the street from my kids’ school. I’m probably trespassing but it looked so serene and quiet. I’m surrounded by grass, benches, and wooden porch swings. For what I desire right now sure beats my normal sitting spot in Starbucks hearing people complain about extra whip or caramel in their drinks. 😉


I know that I can hear best from God when the noise around me is quieted and I can give Him my full attention. This alone time is hard to come by for me, but just know that even when things don’t feel very peaceful in your lives that God ultimately wants to be that peace for us. He didn’t promise that our lives would be easy or calm, because peace is not the absence of trouble, but He did promise that the peace He gives the world cannot give. He can give us peace of mind and heart.


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Nicole Newson

Author Nicole Newson

Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised as a military child, Nicole has lived in multiple places around the world. She has been married to her college sweetheart Wesley for eleven years and is currently a stay at home mom of two beautiful daughters. She enjoys volunteering, mission work, watching documentaries, and reading. Nicole has always had a passion for books and writing and has a goal to publish her own line of children books. She recently started a blog Navigating the Joys and Craziness of Life, Marriage, Parenting and Passions.

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