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A powerful commercial, that is becoming one of my favorites is the Zico Coconut water commercial with Jessica Alba entitled “Whispers.” It shows Jessica recalling moments when people doubted her abilities both as an actress and an entrepreneur. You see her and the different moments in her life flash on a screen and you hear Jessica narrating in the background things that naysayers said about her such as, “ You’ll never be a real actress,” “You can’t take the mommy track; you’ll never come back,” “Actresses don’t belong in the boardroom,” and “You can’t possibly be that smart.” I love how you get to see briefly how she overcame each negative comment. In the end, Jessica says, “One voice didn’t whisper, it shouted from down deep, and it drowned out all the other voices… And it was my own.


Let’s just face the fact that fear often keeps people from trying new things. Whether it’s applying for a new job, moving to a new city, opening up a business, or even popping the question. Sometimes I’ve noticed that it could very well be the fear others try to place on you themselves. I’m often confused. How can someone comfortably tell another person they could never accomplish a goal or dream they’ve set for themselves?



I’m definitely not as successful as Jessica by any means but in my own life, I’ve heard the negative comments as well. “You could never be a supervisor,” “You are too young to get married,” “You shouldn’t be a stay at home mom- you will be bored,” “How are you going to be able to work that shift and manage to be a mom and wife,” and the list goes on. Sometimes it’s hard to share new endeavors with others when they may have something negative to say, but I’ve also had sweet dear friends who rejoice in my new opportunities and support/encourage me along the way.


Part of the process…

If we don’t try anything new how will we know if we can accomplish it or not? What if we fail? Great! Failure is part of the process. No one great in life got there without some failures and bumps along the road. It’s the dream, struggle, and victory that makes for the best movies in my opinion!


God’s Voice…

None of us know 100% of everything that God has in store for our lives outside of what we are in the midst of currently. Life changes so fast, seriously a year or two from now any of us could potentially be in a totally different situation. [easy-tweet tweet=”I’m learning how to NOT limit what God can do in my life or others based on what makes sense to me. ” user=”@JaymeHull” hashtags=”#voices”]


God knows…

I have a couple of friends who just switched employment into amazing positions that one, they have never done before in any capacity and two, that they both would tell you they feel ill equipped to do but they went for it because it was placed before them in a manner only God could do. God knows what we are capable of even if we or others don’t have the same belief and trust he will equip us along the way.

Don’t let fear or others opinions stop you- YOU CAN DO IT!

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