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4 Bold Steps to Help You Connect Right Now With A Mentor

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By Jayme Hull | March 21, 2017


If mentoring is about a relationship, then can you methodically find a mentor?  In a word, yes, but it isn’t going to be a method like you might often think of a method.  It is more of a process.  Let’s walk through the process together, step-by-step.

“Mentoring is not a formula or a checklist; it’s a relationship.”

Step One:  Be Aboveboard.

The truth is you desire more personal communication and real relationships. Begin to intentionally look at the women around you at work, church, the gym, or where you volunteer. No one will ever be perfect. What you will notice is how they handle the difficult situations of life and make the choice to move forward in their own life.

Believe me, neither good friends nor a good mentor will just “happen.” So don’t merely sit on your couch drinking a smoothie and praying. Pray, certainly. But then get up and move.  While you are out and about doing life watch for those around you who do life in a way you can admire.

Step Two:   Be Authentic.

Start a conversation with this person face to face. Share encouraging words with them and how you admire the way they choose to live life no matter what they are facing. Have a brief conversation about your desires to work on things in your life and grow in that area of your life.
Remember, Mentoring is so much more than just an appointment on your calendar—it’s a way of life.  Therefore, you will want to look for a mentor who you feel you can spend a part of your life with sharing and growing.  You will need to be willing to open up to this person and share who you are, your strengths and your weaknesses authentically.

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You will do this by spending time together.  This will take an effort on your part which you must be ready to blend into the other areas of your life.

Step Three:  Be Available.

Invite this person to meet for coffee. Ask them to share their life stories and consider becoming your mentor.
It is important to meet face-to-face after all God created us for face-to-face relationships long before social media began to take over our lives.  Just because you can build a relationship behind a computer or phone screen doesn’t mean you should.  True authentic relationships are best done face-to-face.

“Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Step Four:  Be Approachable.

If you are inviting someone to share their life stories and pour into your life, you will need to be teachable. The only way to get unstuck and grow is to listen to wise godly counsel and pray about your mentoring conversation.

You will want to be willing and open to making changes in your life.  Allowing your mentor to help you take the first steps to better relationships, better choices and greater days.

Start today to seek people who can walk with you in living out your questions day by day. God didn’t create you and me to do life alone. Seek a mentor today and discover how this relationship will change your life forever.

For more encouragement about Finding a Mentor Visit:4 Little Known Secrets About Mentoring


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How To Make A Difference by Sharing Your Story

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One of my favorite things to do is to meet new people. I enjoy spending time talking and sharing our God stories over a cup of coffee or iced tea. Stories are powerful. I’m convinced that no one should keep their story to themselves. God meant for our stories to be shared.

“So here’s what I want you to do. When you gather for worship, each one of you be prepared with something that will be useful for all; Sing a hymn, teach a lesson, tell a story, lead a prayer, provide an insight.” 1 Corinthians 14:26


Back during my college years, while I was a struggling student and searching for answers to my questions, someone took the time to stop and share their God story with me.

All it took for my life to be changed forever was for that one person to share, and for a second person to step up and become my Mentor. The answers to my questions didn’t come immediately but I was no longer alone. My mentor walked alongside of me in both the good and bad times as we shared our stories with each other.

I want to invite you to watch the video below of my millennial friend, Hannah, as she shares her God story. I know you will be encouraged and inspired by this message of hope and that you’ll learn the importance of pouring your life into others through a mentoring relationship.

Hannah's Mentoring Story


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So what about you?

Regardless of what you’ve gone through in the past, or your current circumstances now, your story matters! As long as you are still breathing there is hope. Someone needs to hear your story.


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As believers in Christ, we can be encouraged, because God wants to use us as the hands and feet of the Gospel. Let’s be authentic and share our stories so the world will say, “I want what they’ve got!”

The next generation is watching and searching for answers to the problems of this crazy world. We need to spend time with them face to face. Instead of criticizing them, let’s come alongside of them and invite them on our adventure of faith.

We need to make our faith inviting, interactive and relevant. Never underestimate the power of Christ’s love. You can changes lives when you begin to listen more to others and SHARE YOUR STORY.

Click here http://thelife.com/challenges/share-your-story to learn more on how to prepare your God story!



Find A New Powerful Way To Change Your Life Through Mentoring

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Do you struggle with feeling disconnected and alone? Even when you’re in a crowd? Are you searching for real answers to your life, your purpose, your dreams and direction?

You know, I have had all those same feelings too, but one day while I was in college in New York City a woman stepped into my life who was further along the path in her faith and life experiences. She began to pour into me as a mentor.

She was a great listener. She spent time with me. We would talk, share stories and laugh. There was nothing we couldn’t talk about.

I began to notice a change. Things like my worry, loneliness, discouragement and confusion was fading away. It happened, as I grew closer to God, my family and my community.

My life changed and that is why I wrote this book Face To Face. Mentoring is my passion and my heartbeat.


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I am totally convinced that mentoring can do that for you too!

Every chapter in this book is created to encourage you and inspire you to move your life forward with a mentoring relationship.

Maybe you need a mentor or you are seeking a mentor right now. Some of you may have never heard of the “mentoring” concept and that’s OK! This book is for you!!

Even experienced mentors right now are reading Face To Face to help them learn and grow in their current mentoring relationships.

The heartbeat of this book is to help you connect with God and women across the Generations.

“The plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.” Psalm 33:11

My greatest prayer is that you’ll discover the life giving potential of mentoring for yourself and feel the speed of your personal growth take off.


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How do you feel about asking for help and admitting you can’t do life alone? What’s holding you back from seeking a mentor or how has mentoring changed your life?

The Missing Link

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As a young professional in New York City, surrounded by stars and fashion, I often felt about two inches tall. Unseen by some, judged by others. Sure, I had a few friends, but I longed to find a woman who had been in my shoes and was a few steps ahead of me.

One Sunday, I mustered up the courage to talk with a pastor at Times Square, who connected me with a mentor. Her warm eyes and inviting smile put me at ease the first time we met.

“I feel so incompetent. I’m way out of my league here.” It all came tumbling out.

“Some days, I just want to stay in bed, pull the covers over my head, and drown out the noise of traffic with re-runs of I Love Lucy.

Surprisingly, she wasn’t put off by my confession of how utterly alone I felt and how distant God seemed. She listened, really listened. She didn’t offer cliché answers or rush to give me advice. I felt known, heard, and understood.

Little did I know the profound influence she would become in my life and how our mentoring relationship would significantly shape me.

Mentoring is, at its essence, just doing what Jesus said. The Bible references “one another” over 100 times—from “Love one another” to “Build one another up” to “Pray for one another.” My mentor put a face and a heartbeat to all of those verses!

I can’t imagine going through my college days, young married years, my kids’ terrible twos, career transitions, the death of my parents, and countless other rattling life events without the support of mentors.

Now, years later, I have the privilege of mentoring younger women. Some are young professional business women, others teachers, doctors, musicians, designers or moms. Some have cute little apartments, others rambunctious little ones. As we sit and talk over lattes or hot chocolate or sweet tea, I am inspired by their courage and honesty. Their eagerness to grow and change and become. Their heart to love people and join God in doing good.

A recent study by Barna Group found that nearly 75% of women are not sure that they are making the right decisions in life.

Younger women are hungry for the opportunity to connect personally and build a growth-oriented relationship with a mature Christ follower who can speak into their life.

In a world that is increasingly impersonal and systematized, face-to-face mentoring is the missing link. Mentoring is a win-win situation: Younger women are encouraged and grow, and older women find new purpose.

Perhaps you are longing to find a mentor, or you’d love to become one.

You may not have even heard of the word or concept of “mentoring” before reading this blog.

Maybe you are a volunteer or in leadership at your church and God is prompting you to start a mentoring focus in your ministry.

Regardless, it will take intentionality, planning, and prayer.

But growth always happens best in relationships.

God created us as women to learn from and support one another. To stick together in life’s darkest moments. To celebrate and cheer each other on.

Whatever season you’re in, now is a great time to step out, be encouraged and begin seeking a mentoring relationship.

Here are 3 Tips to help you Connect with a Mentor

  • Share what you admire about them
  • Be Authentic. Share where you are and how you want to grow.
  • Invite them to meet again and consider becoming your mentor.

I truly believe with all of my heart that…

“Sometimes the road to finding a mentor can be awkward, difficult or discouraging, but the walk is well worth the distance.”

One of my favorite action verses is from Ezra 10:4

“Rise up; this matter is in your hands. . . so take courage and do it.”

“Instead of waiting for someone to take you under their wing, go out and find a good wing to climb under.” –Dave Thomas