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To Be A Friend, You Must Find Yourself Friendly

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By Nicole Newson | March 3, 2017


I have this wooden board on my wall in my dining room that says, “Life is sweeter with friends & family”.  It’s located directly across from where I sit at the table so I look at it often.


I know some people who could say this statement couldn’t be further from the truth.  Maybe their experiences with friendships and family in their lives have caused them more stress and hardships than joy.  Maybe you are like me and this statement could potentially at times go both ways, however, I definitely believe that my life IS in fact much sweeter and joyful surrounded by good friends and family.


I have sweet friends who send me the most encouraging texts and scriptures right when I need it most.  I’ve been blessed to be around many moms who have kids close in age as mines, who make me feel normal when I’ve had a crazy day w/ the girls or when I feel like I’m failing as a parent.  I usually leave those conversations laughing because they’ve shared what their week was like, which sometimes is much crazier than mines.


I have older women who mentor and pour into me. They encourage me as a mom, wife, and a woman of God.  I also enjoy every opportunity I have to pour into others and be super transparent about life’s ups and downs.


One friend sent me this note below that she has written on a piece of paper by her bed. She says it keeps her going so I’ve decided to share…


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It’s short and simple but it was right on time for me. She sent this to me at a point in my life when it felt like all MY plans seemed so out of whack. Things were not going exactly as I had envisioned.

She sent this to me at a point in my life when it felt like all MY plans seemed so out of whack. Things were not going exactly as I had envisioned.

Obviously, it was because I really needed to let go of the notion that I was actually 100% in control of everything. This is a small example of why it’s so important to have relationships that can provide accountability.


Listen to advice and accept instruction,

that you may gain wisdom in the future.  

Proverbs 19:20


God never intended for us to go through life alone.  There is so much wisdom and love out there to share with one another. It’s honestly been a journey for me on learning how to truly be a good friend.

It’s honestly been a journey for me on learning how to truly be a good friend. Pursuing passions, along with being a wife and a mom of small children, I’ve found that it takes a bit more planning, grace, and being intentional in building relationships with others.

You can, however, meet and engage with people everywhere you go. Put on a smile, give a sincere compliment, be open and engaging, send notes and cards, and genuinely ask people about themselves.

I don’t know where I heard this but it has stuck with me over the years and I try to keep this thought in mind every day….”Your next best friend is out there somewhere in the world.”

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No One Can Do Life Alone! It’s Time To Reach Out!

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Years ago, as a young professional in New York City, surrounded by stars and fashion, I often felt about two inches tall, alone and totally lost.

Unseen by some, judged by others.

Just a number in a huge crowd.

Confronted by highly competitive people. Sure, I attended classes and knew a few people but I was not connected and certainly not plugged into a close community. I longed to find a woman who had been in my shoes and was a few steps ahead of me.



One Sunday, I mustered up the courage to talk with a pastor at Times Square. He immediately connected me with a mentor. Her warm eyes and inviting smile put me at ease the first time we met.

Surprisingly, she wasn’t put off by my confession of how utterly alone I felt and how distant God seemed. She listened, really listened. She didn’t offer cliché answers or rush to give me advice. I felt known, heard, and understood.

Little did I know the profound influence she would become in my life, I quickly learned how our mentoring relationship would significantly shape me. I finally realized I didn’t have to do life alone anymore.



Interestingly, I’m still learning about the importance of reaching out. I needed to surround myself with positive people who loved the Lord and were encouragers.


Positive People

Each month we include blog posts on this website from our Guest Team of bloggers. Each team member has an incredible God story to share with you from their blessings and brokenness.

I asked God to help me build a team of women who have a passion for Christ and desire to reach out to others for the Kingdom. He sent me an amazing group of wonderful women in answer to my prayers.

My heart’s desire is for you to be encouraged and inspired with each one of our posts. We are praying for God to use our blog posts to equip, edify and encourage. May you be brave enough to be vulnerable, strong enough to reach out, and may you meet God in new ways as you connect with Him and meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime!

Click  HERE  to visit my Blog Guest Contributors Team page and meet each one of my friends as you read their God stories.


You Don’t Have To Do Life Alone

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God never intended for us to do life alone in isolation and loneliness. Have you wondered if God will ever send you a mentor who listens, encourages and uplifts you on your life journey?

Who is inspiring you?

I know from personal experience how a mentor can change your life. When I was 18 years old I was blessed by God to have my eyes opened to my emptiness and I received Jesus as my personal Savior. The very next day He gave me a godly mentor to help me learn how to do life as an authentic Christian.

I quickly learned having a godly mentor, who is willing to share their life stories with you over a cup of coffee, makes a huge positive impact on your life. I was no longer alone, we were doing life together. No matter what the circumstances – good or bad – my perspective on life changed for the good. I learned to look at things from God’s point of view. Seeking God’s point of view on things was life changing!

So. . . whether single, married, divorced, or widowed, God has a plan and a purpose for you in each season of your life. Instead of looking at your singleness as an obstacle to completing God’s plan for your life, or marriage as a reason to give up on God’s purposes for your life, you can seek God’s Light on your current stage of  life.

Did you know there are mentoring relationships portrayed in the Bible for us to follow? Over the years, I have discovered how to apply what I read in the Bible to my everyday life.

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In the Old Testament book of Ruth the relationship between Naomi and Ruth is a beautiful example of mentoring. Naomi and her husband Elimelek took their two sons and moved from Jerusalem, during a famine, to a foreign city. While they were there each son choose a wife to marry. Within 10 years Naomi’s husband and two sons died suddenly one right after the other.

Naomi wass hurting and lonely. She realized she needed community and decided to return home. On the way home to Jerusalem, Naomi informs her daughter in laws,Ruth and Orpah, that she has nothing to offer them and encourages them to return to their hometown to restart their lives.

Ruth is the only one who chooses to stay with Naomi. She has been observing her Mother in law and she knows she wants the relationship with God like hers.  Ruth 1:16-17 “But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me.”

We all come to crossroads at different times in our lives. Like Ruth, God leads us in new directions, but he always let’s us choose whether to follow him or not.

We can see Naomi in her older years needing Ruth’s help and companionship during the difficult and uncomfortable days.
The relationship between Naomi and Ruth is a perfect example of mentoring. Both of these women at some point had to learn to give up things in their old lives to receive God’s best and God’s peace for the new life ahead of them.
Sometimes following God seems too hard, but with a strong Christian mentor the challenges of life are faceable. He asks us to give up our old lives so that we can be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.

Are you secretly tired of doing life on your own? Take time today to pray and ask God to speak to your heart and divinely send you the mentor He has for you.

We’d love to hear your mentoring story and how the mentoring relationship changed your life.

You may want to read this post for encouragement while seeking a mentor: http://bit.ly/2a2iglC

If you are seeking a mentor and need God to show up in a real way, here is a short prayer to get you started. Let’s pray!


Dear God,

 I need your help! How can I grow in my connection with you and with others? I know you say in the Bible that you have a plan for my life. Somehow I’ve stopped believing. Help me with my unbelief. Help me trust you again.

Please give me the courage to step out and seek a mentor for help. I need you Lord! I don’t know how you will do it but I’m stepping out in faith. Send me a godly mentor to help me find my way back to you. I pray all of this in the strong name of Jesus who answers prayers and hears my cry.  Amen!

15 Ways To A New Approach For Your Negative Thinking

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What if you could see yourself like God sees you? Would that change things in your daily life? I am finding out that one of my biggest struggles happens with the thinking in my mind.

Most of us wake up each morning and before the second cup of coffee, we are fighting the negative thoughts running through our minds and coming out of our mouths. Did you know, God covers this challenge in the Bible to help guide us tackle the battle in our minds?

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          Copy & Share this List of 15 RESTORATIVE Truth Statements from God!


Your Negative Thoughts    God’s Thoughts Towards You          Scripture Promise

I’m so broken!                       You are lovely my child!                                  Psalm 34:18

I’m so ugly!                             I see you as beautiful!                                     Ecclesiastes 3:11

I’m such a mess!                   You are blessed with a message!                    James 1:17

I feel so alone!                       I will never leave you!                                      Deuteronomy 31:8

Everyone abandons me!     I’ll never forsake you. I’m here!                      Matthew 28:20

Things are so hopeless.       I have a plan for your life!                                Jeremiah 29:11-12

I’m such a loser!                  No way! With Me you’re a winner!                  Isaiah 40:31

I’m so exhausted!                Turn to Me and I will give you rest                 Matthew 11:28

Nobody knows me.             I created you. I know your name                     Isaiah 43:1

I can’t go on anymore.       My grace will be sufficient                                 2 Corinthians 12:9

I can’t figure life out.           I will direct your steps and paths.                   Proverbs 3:6; 4:26,27

I’m worried and afraid       I haven’t given you a spirit of fear!                  Philippians 4:6-7

I’m not smart enough!        Lean on me for your wisdom.                          Luke 21:15

I’m too sick and weak.        I am Your Healer and Strength                        Psalm 30:2; Is. 53:4,5

I can’t forgive myself           My Son offers forgiveness for all                     Ephesians 1:7

Why not make a resolution to begin trusting God to help us rethink our words and stop our negative self-talk today? Encourage a friend and share these truths with others!

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[easy-tweet tweet=”Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. Jack Canfield” user=”@JaymeHull” hashtags=”#positivethinking #Quote”]

Be encouraged. Take the next step and begin to apply positive truth from God to your life.

Let us know how you start your new journey of hope and inspiration.

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Need Encouragement and Hope In Your Life? Seek A Mentor!

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Do you wish you had someone to walk alongside you to help you navigate through life? If so, be encouraged because you are not alone. I know exactly how you feel and so do so many other people.

Many people think they have to live life alone. They buy into the lie the world sells them. Statements like: “No one really cares. People are too busy for you.”

Here’s the good news! The world is wrong!

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There are people who care and want to become a part of your life because you have potential and God has a plan for you.

It is my passion to spark a mentoring movement and see how it changes lives with authentic face-to-face relationships.

I received my first mentor when I was 18 years old and I still have mentors in my life today.

“A friend loves at all times.” Proverbs 17:17

I love it when one of my mentors shares her life stories. Stories are powerful. She helps me see how God is working in my life, especially when I can’t see through my pain or sadness. Sure, it’s hard to reveal my weaknesses and drop my guard, but I know God does not intend for me to live life alone.

Now I spend my days sharing my time with others and after 35 years of mentoring women locally and across the country, I’m even more passionate about spreading the mentoring message.

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Meet my friend, Lindey, in today’s Interview Video. Her mentor pursued her a single millennial growing in her faith. Here, Lindey shares how her mentor brought hope and encouragement into her life.


Lindey's Mentoring Story

Watch Lindey’s Story


Highlights from this week’s Mentoring Interview with Lindey:

  • Your mentor could be right in front of you.
  • Having a mentor helps you stay on track and moving in the right direction.
  • A mentor is your encourager and gives you hope.
  • If you are struggling with loneliness or spiritual discernment, a mentor will guide you.

Don’t forget to join me on Facebook or Twitter and join the mentoring discussion.





Find A New Powerful Way To Change Your Life Through Mentoring

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Do you struggle with feeling disconnected and alone? Even when you’re in a crowd? Are you searching for real answers to your life, your purpose, your dreams and direction?

You know, I have had all those same feelings too, but one day while I was in college in New York City a woman stepped into my life who was further along the path in her faith and life experiences. She began to pour into me as a mentor.

She was a great listener. She spent time with me. We would talk, share stories and laugh. There was nothing we couldn’t talk about.

I began to notice a change. Things like my worry, loneliness, discouragement and confusion was fading away. It happened, as I grew closer to God, my family and my community.

My life changed and that is why I wrote this book Face To Face. Mentoring is my passion and my heartbeat.


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I am totally convinced that mentoring can do that for you too!

Every chapter in this book is created to encourage you and inspire you to move your life forward with a mentoring relationship.

Maybe you need a mentor or you are seeking a mentor right now. Some of you may have never heard of the “mentoring” concept and that’s OK! This book is for you!!

Even experienced mentors right now are reading Face To Face to help them learn and grow in their current mentoring relationships.

The heartbeat of this book is to help you connect with God and women across the Generations.

“The plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.” Psalm 33:11

My greatest prayer is that you’ll discover the life giving potential of mentoring for yourself and feel the speed of your personal growth take off.


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How do you feel about asking for help and admitting you can’t do life alone? What’s holding you back from seeking a mentor or how has mentoring changed your life?

Breakthrough the Obstacles To Your Spiritual Growth

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Just the other day, I was driving to an appointment and taking the same route as always when I was abruptly stopped by a roadblock with a sign that said, “Street Closed”

I was so frustrated and the detour made me late for the appointment. Roadblocks and obstacles can sneak up on you or something worse happens when we just ignore the signs.

Can you relate?

Paying attention and planning for obstacles whether in the day-to-day construction detours or in our every day life . . . it is all a choice in how we handle things. This can be applied to our spiritual lives as well.

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I always thought God was for church . . . for Sundays . . . but as I went along in life, I began to realize He was right at the center of it all. My messiness. My dreams. My fears.


Here are 3 Obstacles that stop you and I from Growing Spiritually



Obstacle #1 FEAR

False, Evidence, Appearing, Real

In order to identify the areas we each need to grow in, we must slow down to face our fears and insecurities and listen to God.

Breakthrough #1: Slow down and intentionally seek the Lord. Listen for and read God’s Words of peace and truth. Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death!

“For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your tight hand and says to you,

Do not fear; I will help you!” Isaiah 41:13

Obstacle #2 PRIDE

In order to grow we need to stop thinking we know it all. Be authentic. Admit that you need help . . . divine guidance. Wisdom only comes to the person who is willing to bow their heads, hearts and knees to the God who created all things and knows all things.

Breakthrough #2: Step away from hiding behind pride and pretending. Be honest. This step forward can actually allow us to invest our energy in changing and growing. And that’s the best place of all to live! It takes a lot of humility to be honest about where we’re at and what we need.

James 4:6 “But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.”

Obstacle #3 ISOLATION

This is the key we’ve been missing: growth doesn’t happen well in isolation. We can never become all God intends for us to be only through being alone, quiet times and Bible studies. Some things in life we can only know through experience, because growth always happens in relationship—in connection—in community. Each one of us need to have a Mentor in our life. Mentoring Relationships will change your life!

Breakthrough #3: Seek courage to ask the hard questions and connect with a mentor. Seek a safe person—a mentor—who can help you connect and find God in the messiness of our questions, doubts and confusion.

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1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up as you are already doing.”

I believe mentoring isn’t just a nice idea. It’s critical for your growth—professionally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. Mentoring can make the difference between success and significance. Between performing at work and developing your potential. Between doing and becoming.

Let’s purpose together that when we stand before God one day, we’ll be able to joyously say, “I used everything You gave me, Lord.”

No unused talent. No hidden fears. No pride or isolation. No regrets . . . because, in community with other Christian women, we relentlessly pursued growth.