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Hope is a feeling we have when we are certain of the faithfulness of God.  When you follow God’s direction for your life with the guidance of a Spiritual Direction Coach you will find hope.


Giving Christmas Hope to Friends Who Are Hurting

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For so many, Christmas is a joy-filled time of celebrations—but we can’t hide the reality that for some people this is a time of loneliness and deep sorrow. How do we handle Christmas joy and grief at the same time? If you are like me, you want to be an encourager and give hope to those who are hurting this Christmas. So, what do we do for our friends who are hurting at Christmas?

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Do Not Disturb

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We call ourselves Christians, but is God invited to be a part of our daily lives? Unfortunately, we want the benefits of Christianity, but not necessarily the responsibility that comes along with our faith in Jesus Christ.

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