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Welcome to Jayme's Podcast

If you believe as I do, that mentoring isn’t just a nice idea, but critical to growing professionally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually, then this is your podcast.

In each episode of the Face to Face Mentoring Show, I’ll encourage and inspire you to learn and launch your life as you lead with purpose in a mentoring relationship.

God created us for face-to-face relationships. This podcast is committed to sharing God stories and experiences to equip and encourage you as you connect with the next generation and grow in your mentoring relationship.

Ep. 18: Odyssey Voiceover Actress Katie Leigh Interview

Ep. 17: Encouragement For Marriages With Elaine W Miller

Ep. 16: Benefits Of Business Mentoring with Lori Bachman

Ep. 15: Mentoring Moms with Jean Hester

Ep. 14: From America's Top Model to Role Model Interview With Leah Darrow

Ep. 13: The POWER of Mentoring with Pastor Aaron Bryant

Ep. 12: Brian Hull Interview "Never Give Up!"

Ep. 11: Shannon Ethridge-Author, Mentor & Advocate For Healthy Sexuality

Ep. 10: Frances Drost-Brand New Me

Ep. 9: Ginny Owens Singer/Songwriter on Hearing God's Voice Above the Noise

Ep. 8: Cecil Murphey Veteran Author: Knowing God And Sharing Your Story

Ep. 7: Lynn Eib Interview Finding Peace In The Face Of Cancer

Ep. 6: Interview with Chris Massoglia from Because of Gracia Film

Ep. 5: Interview with Linda Evans Shepherd

Ep. 4: Getting The Courage To Connect

Ep. 3: Natalie Hemby Discusses Songwriting and Mentoring

Ep. 2: Living On Purpose: How To Find A Mentor

Ep. 1: Welcome to Face to Face Mentoring